The American steel drum is a new toy.

It was born when the steel company, Patton, wanted to create a product that would appeal to American truck drivers.

The idea was to make a drum that had the same shape as a standard drum but had a thicker tongue drum.

Patton, a family-owned company, wanted a drum with a more robust steel wheel to help protect the vehicle from the elements.

But the drum needed to have a different shape, too.

And there was no wheel with a thin, flat tongue drum in the market.

It needed to be something that was durable and could stand up to the elements, which meant the steel wheel.

This is a picture of the steel drum that Patton developed for the American steel industry.

A steel drum has a thin blade and a wide, flat blade that is used to cut through steel.

The blade is typically made of aluminum and steel.

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya) A company called Pelican designed and manufactured a steel drum called the American Steel Wheel, which was originally a novelty.

When Patton rolled out the drum in 1976, the company said it would sell 500,000 drum systems a year for its steel wheel products.

It also marketed the drum as an alternative to a traditional drum for truckers.

The American Steel wheel was a success, but it didn’t take off the way the Patton drum was expected to.

The drum became a favorite of truckers who wanted a product with a long life and a flat blade.

In 1987, Patton became the first steel company to produce a steel wheel drum.

In the 1990s, it introduced a steel-toed steel wheel, which had a more durable blade.

It wasn’t until 2011 that the steel-toe drum was created.

This video is from 2011.

Steel-toe steel wheel is made from steel and is used in some electric vehicle batteries and electric forklifts.

The wheel is designed to fit over a traditional steel drum and it has a steel toe that helps it grip the wheel.

Steel toe is more durable than a steel blade and it is lighter than steel.

A typical steel toe weighs about 30 pounds.

The steel toe drum was launched in 2015, according to the American Iron and Steel Association, an industry trade group.

Pelican is the world’s largest steel wheel maker.

It has factories in North Dakota and Ohio, and is one of the largest producers of steel drum wheels in the United States.

The company also makes steel-tipped electric forklift and electric vehicle battery drums.

The firm makes more than 600,000 steel drum systems for truck and passenger vehicles each year, according a spokesman.

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