‘Barbarians’ star: ‘I can’t wait to be on ‘Racers’

When we’re shooting, we have to be very careful with the camera, because we want to be as close to what we’re doing as we can.The most important thing is to stay in the moment and not to be caught up in the drama.It’s not what you’d call a great camera job, but you can […]

How to use crypto coins on Amazon for free

The world’s largest online retailer is offering a wide range of crypto currencies to help its customers make payments on Amazon, including Bitcoin and Litecoin.The move comes as Amazon’s growth is slowing.“We are excited to offer customers access to the crypto currency and blockchain platforms that enable us to offer their customers a broad range […]

What do you think of the new steel toe shoes from Reebok?

We’ve all heard about the new Reebo shoes, but the shoe itself is a very nice looking shoe.The leather on the shoes is very soft and there is a good amount of cushioning on the toes.We were a bit sceptical about the look of the shoes, and the look alone didn’t inspire much confidence, but […]

How to make the best pizza in the world

More than 300,000 pizza machines are now installed across the US, and according to the US Pizza Industry Association, a pizza machine is one of the most commonly used food equipment in the US.With the new model of steel, it’s no longer about the amount of money, but how the machines work.The steel plate is […]

What’s the difference between a steel tongue drum and a steel drum?

Posted March 01, 2018 14:50:22The steel drum is a smaller version of the steel tongue and comes in both a plain and a rounded shape.It has a drum and mouth, while the steel spoon has a mouth and drum.It’s an interesting concept, with a lot of potential in the future.Steel drums and steel tongues have […]

What do you know about the steel trampoline?

The steel tramps of the world were invented in Germany by German steel workers in 1871.It was then that the first steel tramping was invented, a device that would allow workers to climb on to heavy, flexible beams.The first trampole, invented in 1873, had a capacity of about 10 meters, and was used by a […]

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