The Steel Triplets are back!

Join Cassie and Steve for a show celebrating the return of the beloved Triplets of Steel and the other iconic Steel Trios in this episode of The Steel Podcast!

We talk about how it all started, the origins of the Triplets, the origin of the Stains, the original Stains and how the Trixies came to be.

Check out the show notes at the end of the show for a few more details.

Check Out the Stairs on the Steel Podcast channel!

The Steel Quadrants!

This week on The Steel Pod, the Trio’s return to the streets of Manhattan with the Stained Triplets and their original Stained Trios.

This episode also includes a look back at the Triplett’s first appearances on TV, and a look at their future adventures.

The Stains!

This episode of the Steel Pod is dedicated to the Stainless Steel Trio of Steel!

In this episode, the Triplet’s return is discussed with a special episode of Steel Trips featuring Steel Tripped, a documentary that was produced and directed by Jeff Davis and Michael Ladd.

Plus, you can listen to the full episode of this podcast on the YouTube channel, Steel Trippers!

All of the clips in this show are from the documentary Steel Triped: The Triplett Stains.

All videos in the show are available for streaming at YouTube,, or at any of the participating video hosting platforms.

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Thanks to all of our fans who have supported us during our Kickstarter campaign!

It’s been an amazing ride!

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Steel Tripping is the first video produced for The SteelPod.

To listen to more episodes of The Stairs, check out The Staircast Podcasts on The Stables!

Thanks again to all the Steel Tripper listeners who have stuck with us through the years!

It is a privilege to be the voice of the Trippers, and we’re grateful for your support!

The Stitchy Trio!

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Steel Tramps!

This is the second podcast produced by The SteelTripper team!

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This podcast and the team are all volunteers and don’t get any of our money, and are only funded through Kickstarter.

Thanks for listening!

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