By Sydnee SteeleAstonishingly, the $2.3 million settlement to settle sexual discrimination claims by the chain’s female employees was the largest such payout to date.

The $2 million payout was disclosed in a lawsuit filed last week in Ontario Superior Court.

The settlement comes less than two weeks after the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ordered the chain to pay $2,500 to a former employee, Susanne Steele, who was fired in 2013 after reporting that she was discriminated against by the company.

The chain has until February 7 to pay the $5,000 in compensation.

It also has until March 15 to pay Ms. Steele’s lawyer $500.

Ms. Stelees lawyer, David Hirsch, said the company is pleased with the settlement.

He noted that it has paid millions of dollars to victims of discrimination in the past, including in Ontario.

“I think it’s important for people to know that the company has been committed to diversity and gender equality and has always been open to considering ways to improve the workplace and provide equal opportunity for all,” Mr. Hirsch said.

The case involved a former supervisor at the chain, known as a supervisor 1, who filed the lawsuit in 2015.

In addition to the $1.6 million award, the woman alleged that the chain violated Ontario Human Relations Code sections 17 and 18 by denying her due process and unlawfully discriminating against her.

The tribunal’s decision in the case, called a summary judgment, means the woman can only recover the money from the chain.

It was also the first sexual discrimination case in Ontario to be decided by summary judgment.

Mr. Henson said the chain has since implemented more inclusive policies, including training on sexual harassment and discrimination, but that the issue of sexual harassment remains a concern for the chain and is the company’s top priority.

The court ordered the company to provide an update to the sexual harassment policy on its website by March 15.

It must also provide an interim compliance plan to the tribunal.

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