“I know, I know.

You’re just a normal person.

You probably don’t think about it.”

— Nucoros CEO Dan Biederman.

“I understand your concern.”

— President Donald Trump on a visit to the Pittsburgh Steel mill in May.

The president’s comments came during a visit on Thursday to the plant in which Nucor Steel produces aluminum, a material used in many of the nation’s largest and most iconic steel structures.

The steel company has seen demand for aluminum skyrocket in recent years, and its CEO, Dan Baiderman, said the president was “very concerned” by the surge.

Trump’s comments drew a round of applause from the crowd at the Pennsylvania Steel plant.

In an interview on CNBC last month, Trump said the company is “getting away from steel” and that “steel companies are not doing well.”

But he said the country needs steel for “a lot of reasons,” including the need to build highways and power plants.

Biedermans comments come amid heightened tensions between the United States and China over trade.

On Thursday, Trump told Fox News he has spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the possibility of trade deals and other trade matters.

“He’s asked me about steel,” Trump said.

“The Chinese are buying tons and tons of steel.

It’s going down.

The people that are making it, they’re getting paid peanuts.”

The steel industry is the nations largest.

The number of steel jobs in the United State has fallen by more than 300,000 since the end of the recession in 2009.

The economy has shed more than a million jobs in recent months, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The industry has suffered as steel imports have surged in recent decades.

In April, steelmaker Dow Chemical announced plans to expand production of aluminum in the U, and in September, the company announced it was expanding its presence in the region.

“As China has continued to make significant strides in steel production, demand for steel has surged,” the company said in a statement.

The company also said that it was exploring an acquisition of aluminum company Eni and plans to add about 2,000 new jobs in China.

The announcement comes just days after China banned steel imports from Mexico, which has more than 60% of the world’s aluminum production.

A few weeks ago, the Trump administration signed a memorandum with the Chinese government banning aluminum imports from both Mexico and Canada.

Baidermans statement came a day after a U.N. report found that the United Nations had documented evidence of Chinese state-sponsored efforts to steal intellectual property from U.A.E. steel companies.

“It is a case of blatant theft,” Biederns statement said.

The report found Chinese state actors used U.T.O. technology to engineer steel to be stronger and cheaper than domestic steel.

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