Here’s how foam from a foam pad helped keep the rattle from damaging the team’s protective gear.

It wasn’t just the protective gear, either.

Foam pads were also used to protect the players from the abrasive elements of the ground.

“A lot of players were playing on hard turf and it could really irritate their ears,” said Steve Tamburino, an RTE producer who is the co-director of RTE’s turf science laboratory.

“It also creates friction that can cause them to be a bit more cautious and the kind of players that we’d like to see have better contact protection.”

The foam pads have been in use since the late 1980s, but the sport has not yet adopted the same technology.

“The RTE have been using foam pads for a long time,” said Mr Tambarino.

“So they’ve been able to withstand the effects of high impact, such as rugby.”

But with rugby, it was quite different.

“They were playing in sand and they had to wear a helmet that was quite difficult to adjust to.”

And that’s where it came into play.

“With foam pads, they’ve not only had to work harder but they’ve had to be much more careful.”

There are some players who are lucky enough to be playing on grass.

“If we have a rugby player that’s playing on the field on grass, we don’t even need pads.

We just need a good protective surface,” said Peter Gossage, the head of RTD’s turf research.”

Foam pads are the same for everyone.”

In a world where rugby is in the spotlight, RTE is working hard to provide its players with the most protective gear possible.

“We know that if we have to put them through the trauma of a rugby match, it’s going to cause them a lot of pain and it’s not going to be the best thing to do for their health,” Mr Tampino said.

“What we do, though, is create a barrier that will make it as safe as possible for the players.”

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