The Irish Kitchen is dedicated to helping you enjoy delicious Irish food and drinks while learning the techniques of modern cooking.

With more than 50 years of experience in the kitchen, we are the experts in Irish food preparation, with a focus on our love of home-cooked meals.

We are not just a place for the curious, we know how to make great Irish dishes.

Our focus is on cooking Irish food, not just for our guests but for ourselves and our family.

Our team of experts can cook a variety of dishes for all tastes, from traditional Irish fare to seasonal and creative dishes.

From rustic comfort food to the most elaborate Irish cooking, our aim is to bring you the perfect meal to enjoy in your own home.

Whether you are a home cook or a professional kitchen professional, we have the expertise to make your experience at The Irish Garden a memorable one.

Find out more about The Irish, our team of Irish professionals, and how to get involved in our growing network.

What is the history of the restaurant?

It was founded by the late Brian O’Leary in 2010.

He and his wife, Joanne, opened the restaurant in September 2011, two years after opening the Ballymore pub on Stoney Lane in Dublin’s Docklands.

It was opened in a time when Dublin was experiencing an extraordinary boom in restaurants.

The couple had been working at their own restaurant, The Irish in Clondalkin, Dublin, when Brian and Joanne moved to Clondall in Cork to open their own Irish restaurant, O’Reilly’s Irish Bar and Grill.

They opened The Irish at Clondal, Dublin in November 2013.

The Irish was named after a young Dubliner who was killed when he was hit by a bus.

Brian and his family came to Ireland from Northern Ireland when he turned six years old and was born and raised in Clonmel, Co Cork.

He then spent his childhood in Co Limerick, where he was a part of the school rugby team.

He attended Clondock Academy in the 1970s, and attended St Patrick’s College and Trinity College, Dublin.

He graduated from St Patrick and was admitted to Trinity College Dublin in 1978, where in 1983 he studied economics and became a professor of economics.

He also worked in the local business and finance sector, as well as for a number of community groups.

He received a B.

Sc. from Dublin City University in 1987, then went to the University of Strabane, where his thesis focused on the Irish economy and the Irish-British trade relations.

He became a member of the Faculty of Finance at Trinity College in 1992, where the latter was a member for the next two decades.

His teaching was then transferred to the Institute of Irish Studies, Trinity College.

In 2002, he became a Professor of Economics at the University, and in 2004, he was elected as a member on the Faculty.

He is currently the President of the Institute.

He has also served as a lecturer in the Department of Economics and International Trade at the International Business School, and has held posts in the Economic Policy Institute and the Department for International Development.

He was awarded the 2017 L.G.M.B.C. Ireland Award for outstanding public service.

What are our standards?

The Irish kitchen has a high standard of quality, in terms of service, food and drink, and quality of our food.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of food and service for you, our guests, to enjoy.

We try our very best to ensure that we do not make any mistakes.

The staff are very careful to make sure that the food is fresh, that it is delicious, that our drinks are quality, and that we have good customer service.

You can see our commitment to you and your family on our social media channels and our Instagram feed.

Our food menu includes everything from delicious pastas to traditional Irish food.

We also serve traditional dishes from Irish dishes, like crockpot Irish croissants and goulash Irish croque monsieur.

We look forward to seeing you at our restaurant in the future!

What do we serve?

The menu at The Iron Throne is designed to reflect our Irish heritage, with dishes from Ireland and the UK, but also to reflect the wider cultural diversity of Dublin.

We aim to feature dishes from different countries, and we aim to incorporate new ingredients and cultures to reflect Irish food in our food and beverage offerings.

Our menu is designed around the concept of ‘family meals’.

We are committed to cooking a variety.

We focus on traditional Irish dishes and dishes from other regions of the world.

We want to serve you with a range of flavours, textures, and cuisines, so you will be able to choose what is appropriate for you and the taste buds of your family.

We invite you to come to The Irish and have a great time!

We are happy to serve a variety, and you can always find our

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