When I bought my garage door a couple of years ago, it was a metal piece that came in a bunch of pieces.

At the time, I thought it was the worst garage door I’d ever seen, because it was so corroded. 

I’m glad I found out that the door was actually quite functional. 

While it’s not the cheapest garage door ever, the steel wheels and metal door handle are the best part of this garage door. 

Here’s what you need to fix it: 1) Remove the door The first thing you need is to take off the metal door that’s on the inside.

This can be done by taking off the hinges or the metal plates, or by simply sliding the door open. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare door, I’d recommend removing the metal plate first. 

After that, you need some kind of adhesive to secure the door.

I found that I could use a thin piece of electrical tape or a nail gun to secure it to the door with adhesive. 

2) Install the door latch Next, install the door’s latch.

This is what I used: 3) Install and adjust the hinge I wanted to adjust the hinges on the front and back of the door, but this took a lot of trial and error.

If you can, try the hinges with a wrench to make sure they’re snug enough. 

4) Install screws for hinges Once you’ve got the hinges in place, it’s time to install the screws. 

5) Install hinges This was really tricky because the hinge had a very different shape from the rest of the garage door in the center.

I was able to get the hinges to fit in the garage. 

6) Remove door cover You can remove the door cover by simply lifting the latch and lifting it to expose the metal. 

7) Install door latch assembly The latch will be attached to the hinge and will need to be attached. 

8) Attach latch The metal latch will then need to attach to the hinges. 

9) Adjust hinge To make sure everything’s secure, the hinge needs to be adjusted to the angle it’s supposed to be at. 10) Tighten latch To tighten the latch, simply rotate the hinge until it’s tight. 

11) Tightening latch  The next step is to adjust a few screws that hold the latch on the door handle.

You can use a socket, a pair of pliers, or a pair or two of flat-head screws.

I recommend using flat-headed screws because they’re less likely to break when the door is opened. 

12) Remove latch Once everything’s in place and you’re happy with the hinge, you can remove it. 13) Reinstall latch I’d recommend that you replace the latch at this point. 

14) Reinstalling latch Now that the latch is in place you can finally tighten the hinges and secure the latch. 

15) Re-install hinge The hinges are secured and ready to be reattached. 

16) Reattach latch As mentioned, this was really complicated because the hinges had different shapes from the others. 

17) Reattaching latch You may need to adjust or tighten some more screws, depending on what the latch’s designed to do. 18) Reassemble garage door Finally, reassemble the door by simply turning the handle to the right. 

19) Reassembly garage door

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