Steelbite Pro (Steelbite Pro, Steelbite) is the latest nail-biting nail-biter from Steelbite, a Swedish design studio.

It’s a pair of toe-pinching steel toes that can be worn on the toe or on the heel.

The toe-bite can be adjusted for heel or toe width.

The product has a “grip” to hold it in place.

Steelbite also sells the Steelbite C-Series and C-series “C-Tops” with different sizes.

For the C-Tos, you can choose between a small (1-2.5 inches) and a medium (3-6 inches).

The toe bite is flexible enough to be used on the back of your foot, and the material is hard enough to flex around your toe.

It comes in three sizes, from the smallest (1.5-2 inches) to the biggest (5-8 inches).

They come in a variety of colors, from red to yellow.

The toes can be customized, too.

The Steelbite toe-bite is available in two colors, white and black.

If you want to buy a pair for yourself, you’ll need to order the C.C. and C.T.

T, which are the same.

The C-tops come in black, red, yellow and green.

These are available for $100 each.

If it’s your first time ordering the toe-bites, we suggest going with the C2-series because it’s cheaper and has better padding, as well as a different design.

The c-topees can be ordered from

The company has also launched a new line of steel toe boots called the “Steelbite” with a pair size of 8 inches.

The two-tone colors of the boots are available in black or brown.

The price is $180.

These boots are a little larger than the C3-series toe-tipping boots, and they’re $100 more expensive than the toe bites, but they come with the same padding and are made with a different material, like Kevlar.

For more information on the Steelbite toe-boning product, click here.

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