Andrea Steele from The New York Times has written a book about the dangers of steel-framed target boxes in her new book, Steel Targets.

In her book, Steele explores the dangers posed by steel targets and what you can do to stop them.

Read moreHer article was picked up by the BBC’s Today programme and was broadcast on April 4.

The Times also picked up the article.

A number of steel target companies, including Target, have made changes to their products since the Times article was published.

Target is introducing new targets, including one made of “carbon-fiber, flexible polyethylene” (CFFE), and a steel target that is designed to be “made with less than 0.5mm of stainless steel”.

Target says it is “reconsidering” the design and said that the steel target will be made from carbon-fibre, flexible materials.

Target said in a statement: “We want to make our customers comfortable with the design, but we are also working to improve the safety and reliability of our targets.”

A spokeswoman for Target also said the company was aware of the article and is looking into its use of the term “steel targets”.

“We are always working to ensure our targets meet the highest standards,” the spokeswoman said.

“We are also looking at our use of carbon fibre and how we can make targets with the highest carbon-fuels and materials content.”

A spokesperson for Steel Target said: “Our goal is to make steel targets with a low carbon footprint.

We have been working to change our product design and are now reviewing it and making adjustments to the design.

We would like to thank Andrea for her work on this article.”

Steel targets are a type of target made of steel or similar materials.

They are used in residential construction, military training and target shooting.

They are also common in military training.

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