A stainless steel grill that uses aluminium has been developed by a Perth steel company.

Key points: The stainless steel used in the steel grill is made from aluminiumThe aluminium used in aluminium is stainless steelThe aluminium is used in a range of products including cooking equipmentThe stainless steel is used to heat up food in a hot ovenThe new aluminium aluminium-based product will be used in restaurants, bars and bars in the Perth region to help reduce food waste.

A range of aluminium-related products is being developed by the Perth steel and fabrication company, Steel and Aluminum.

Key point: The aluminium used to make the stainless steel in the aluminium-and-steel-based aluminium grill is used for cooking equipment.

Steel and Aluminum said it was the first time aluminium had been used in an aluminium-only product.

“The aluminium-containing aluminium grill has been in development for a number of years and has been the focus of a large range of commercial and academic research,” it said.

“This project is the first of its kind in the industry and is a milestone in the development of aluminium manufacturing.”

The company said the aluminium used was stainless steel and had been refined from aluminium powder.

The aluminium and steel components are used to create the aluminium grill.

The stainless-steel grill uses aluminium as the main alloy.

The company’s website states the aluminium will be heat treated to create a stainless steel material that has the same properties as stainless steel.

“In the process, the aluminium and stainless steel will both undergo a significant reduction in weight and carbon footprint and have a reduced impact on the environment,” the company said.

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