The most steel-rich automakers in the US are now a whopping 32%, according to new data released by the US Steel Association.

The survey, released on Monday, said steel imports from China totaled $3.8 trillion in 2016, with more than half of the imports coming from China.

Ford, the world’s largest automaker, is the top importer, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the total imports.

The US Steel Board says that of the 2.8 million metric tons of steel imports that went to China in 2016 – $3,868 billion worth – a whopping $1,000 per ton came from Ford.

Ford is the largest exporter of steel in US history.

The company exported nearly $4 trillion worth of steel products in 2016 alone, which is more than double the amount of imports from other automakers combined.

The steel imports account for about 4% of Ford’s overall output, and it is estimated that Ford will be exporting around a fifth of its steel products to China.GM is the second largest steel importer in the country, with over $1.4 trillion in steel imports in 2016.

GM is also the largest supplier of the steel in American cars, trucks, and SUVs, according to the US Trade Representative.

Ford also accounts for a large portion of GM’s US production, with $1 trillion worth in steel products shipped to the country in 2016.(Reuters Photo)GM has been under increasing pressure to ramp up its steel production, and its decision to move into the automotive sector is a clear sign that the automaker is ready to do so.

Earlier this year, Ford announced that it would invest $200 billion in its global steel supply chain.

(Read more: The automotive industry is not immune to the steel crisis)The US Steel Institute, a trade group representing US steel makers, estimates that Ford and GM are the top two steel importers in the United States, along with Ford.

GM alone is the world leader in the use of steel for vehicles, trucks and SUVS, with about $4.6 trillion in shipments to China, according the report.

The report also revealed that Ford is the third largest importer of U.S. heavy steel, with an estimated $1 billion worth of shipments.

The biggest importers are China, followed by Russia, with a combined $7.1 billion.

The world’s third largest steel producer, Japan, is second on the list with a total of $3 billion worth, followed closely by South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, India, Brazil and Australia.

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