With her trademark eye for details, Steele brings an unrivaled sense of gravitas to her films.

Steele is a member of the Hollywood elite, and is a frequent presence on the Oscars red carpet, where she’s nominated for best actress for her role in the film, I Am Cait.

A native of Chicago, she’s also a frequent guest at New York’s Lincoln Center.

She recently starred in a new film, The Fosters, which she said “has always been about making people feel better about themselves”.

But Steele’s biggest influence is undoubtedly the legacy of her late husband, actor/comedian Steven Wright, who was a major force in the early Bollywood film industry.

Steven Wright is pictured in front of his studio, where his films are produced and distributed, in Hollywood, California, January 27, 2019.

Steele was also an integral part of the burgeoning Indian-American comedy scene, where her film The Fosse won a Best Actress Oscar in 2008.

In her own words, she likes to think of her career as ‘one big, big happy family’Steele’s films are often filled with humour and satire, but also often grapple with difficult social issues.

She says she feels she’s made ‘a lot of films that are about love, family and people who are being judged for being different’.

“It’s about finding a place for people to be who they are, that you love, that have a life outside of the world, that are not scared to say that they are gay or trans or not.”

I Am Cait premieres on Netflix on March 9, 2019, and stars Steele as Caitlyn Jenner.

It is the first of several projects that she is writing, and her next film, Born This Way, is expected to be released in 2019.

As for the future of her legacy, Stelle is optimistic about the impact that she has made on the world and on Indian-Americans.

“I think we are making a bigger impact than we’ve ever had,” she said.

“I am not just here for my career, I am here to help the next generation of people.

I have a responsibility as a human being to be part of a movement that is changing the world.”

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