What you need to know about the first nickel-silver alloy that will be used in a nickel-metal-plated penny

When the first penny was introduced in the U.S. in 1893, it was made from nickel and silver and weighed .02 grams per milliliter.That’s the same as the weight of a gram of gold.But in the early years of the 20th century, the government mandated that all coins be made of copper, a heavier metal […]

How to use stainless steel tubing to make a stunning stained glass sculpture

Steel tubing is one of the most versatile materials for making stained glass.You can use it for everything from making decorative artworks to providing a base for a large, decorative installation.But there are some applications where stainless steel isn’t suitable for all applications.Stained glass is one such application.It’s one of those applications where you can […]

‘You just have to know the drill’ – how to take down a big bad wolf

When I was a kid I always loved to hunt with my dad and it wasn’t until we moved to the US that we had the opportunity to do so again.I’m not too sure what changed but after moving to the States and becoming a hunter, I felt I needed to become a better hunter.That’s […]

Steel type pokemon gets new move

Reuters 4/6 Steel type Pokémon are getting a new move that lets them absorb the power of other Steel types.Steel type pokemon can use Steelium Z or Magneton Z and can also use Z-Power, a move that does damage and raises their Attack by one stage.The move is named Z-Boost and will make the type’s […]

‘Ace of Spades’ John Cena’s wife says they’re ‘just a couple of friends’

The wife of WWE Superstar John Cena has slammed the “Ace” of Spads, saying he was only trying to help her out.Shelley and her husband, WWE Hall of Famer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, have been friends for years and were “just a few friends” until they got together for a charity golf outing in April.“I […]

How to make steel penny (steel maces) and steel penny with 2 maces

Steel penny, steel mace, steel sword, steel spear, steel scimitar, steel crossbow, steel bow, steel flail, steel staff, steel hatchet, steel club, steel hammer, steel dagger, steel nail, steel knife, steel spike, steel screw, steel wire, steel plate, steel arrow, steel bolt, steel rod, steel hook, steel chain, steel rope, steel bar, steel string, steel […]

What is steel weakness?

It has become common to hear that the industry is on the verge of a “steel weakness” period.Steel, once the backbone of the industrial economy, is being pushed into the “factory floor” and, for the most part, steel will soon be a rarity.As a result, there is a growing belief that the world of steel […]

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