In 1993, when guitarists Brian Eno and Alex Lifeson announced their plans to launch their own brand of guitar and bass, they had just released their first single, “Guitar” (and, in hindsight, their second song).

Guitarists were trying to figure out what kind of guitar to play.

Guitarists thought about their instrument.

They were trying out different sounds and trying new chords and playing new rhythms.

And they were experimenting with different chord structures and picking up new sounds.

But what really grabbed the attention of the guitarists was this new way of making music, a way of thinking that was entirely different from anything they had experienced before.

When the guitar player first hears a chord progression, it’s not just the basic chords, it is a different chord progression than any other that they’ve heard before.

It’s a totally different chord structure that they haven’t heard before, and that is something they can’t explain to someone else.

And so that chord progression became a way for people to get a new musical experience.

So, this is something that was never before imagined by anyone, but that has now been the norm for a lot of guitarists.

What happened is, people started to listen to this new music that they were not familiar with, that was just totally different, and they became very enamored of this new concept of music.

So I think that, in some ways, it was like we invented the guitar, or we invented music, in a way that was quite unique to the guitar.

And that, to me, is a really cool thing, because I think it shows the way that we are evolving as a species.

We have a way to create music that we haven’t even dreamed of.

What I would like to say about this new musical phenomenon that we have in music is that there is a whole bunch of new things going on that have never been done before.

So many new things.

And in a lot and in a large part, it seems to be the guitar as a whole that has done that.

The way that I see it, if you want to make a new guitar, it has to be made by someone that has never been able to make an instrument before.

And I think the reason that guitar players and rock musicians and other people are excited about that is because there is an entire new realm of possibilities, of possibilities that guitar has never explored before.

You can make a guitar that sounds like it was made by a kid in a garage, or that’s made by an experienced artist, or you can make it by someone who hasn’t even been able a guitar player, and it has the same sort of magic that a guitar has.

And if you do that, it can also become something that is not only a new instrument, but also a new way to make music.

I think one of the things that is really cool about the guitar is that we never had to create something by hand.

We just invented it.

So there are a lot more things that are possible with the guitar than there are with a lot or even a single instrument.

And we can actually make new things and create new music.

And what I would love to do in my own career is to do the same thing with music.

What happens when we make music is we create something that we don’t know anything about, but it is still connected to our experience of music, and we create a way where we can make music that is connected to a place that we’ve never been before.

I want to see how we can do that with the instruments that we already have.

It would be nice if we could make something that has all of the same qualities that we had with the guitars, but with a new level of complexity.

I don’t think that that’s possible, because there are some things that I want guitar players to be able to get excited about, and then there are other things that would be fun for me to do that would make me really happy.

So the other thing that I would be really interested in doing is to figure how we could bring that music into the world of technology, because it is so important to me.

If we can figure out a way, I think we could really do some great things.

That’s one of my hopes for the future.

But I don`t want to be too ambitious about that.

I know that we all have that vision, that we want to create new musical experiences, and I think in some way we are just the first generation of people who have been able that ability.

But we need to make sure that we do that.

We need to understand that the people who are already playing these instruments, and who are going to be playing those instruments, are going back to the way things were back in the seventies, and maybe even the beginning of the eighties, when we were really in

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