The world has been a cruel place to be unemployed for years.

The latest numbers show that the unemployment rate for men aged 16 to 24 has jumped from 8.4 per cent in January 2016 to 11.5 per cent now.

It’s now more than double that for women aged 16 and over, who have been stuck at 8.3 per cent.

And while this is an increase, it’s still not the most dire figures in recent memory.

In fact, the unemployment rates for men are only a little higher than for women.

So how do you get into the workforce if you’re stuck on a tight deadline and you can’t find a job? 

But with more and more jobs requiring technical skills, it may be time to think twice about your options.

The job search is becoming more difficult for men, too.

It is often men who are struggling to find work, with a lack of experience and a desire to do so in a new career.

And as the economy becomes more complex, it means it is easier to find a work-related gap in an organisation.

A recent study from the Centre for Applied Social Research, which surveyed 2,000 men, found that when asked how many years they had spent working in a job, the majority of men (71 per cent) said they had worked at least 10 years.

So even if you do have experience, it is unlikely you will be able to find the right position.

The study also found that for those with a high level of experience, the average salary for the job they were looking for was £24,600, with an average of £35,800.

So if you have a high-level of experience or an excellent CV, you could be looking at a very good paycheque, says Paul Broughton, managing director of recruitment firm MSC Worldwide. 

But while you may think you are qualified for a role, the reality is that you won’t necessarily be. 

There are some tips to help ensure you are not stuck in a situation where you can barely find work.

Firstly, if you are struggling for work, try to find out what the company is looking for.

This can help you decide what to look for, says Broughson.

And if you want to be flexible, you can look for an opportunity where you may be able find a new role.

“If you are looking for a full-time position, for example, there are many options to look at. 

It is a great way to find employment if you can afford it,” he says.

If you are unsure of what you might be interested in, try the job boards.

They will have job postings that are tailored to suit your needs.

“In many cases, if there is a vacancy, it will not be because you are unable to find any work,” says Boughton.

“There are opportunities to look elsewhere, to look into an internship.

But if you cannot find a suitable job within the next six months, then there are jobs available through the local authority.”

If you want an alternative, consider a career change.

The most popular way to make a career move is to go into a non-executive role at a small or medium-sized company.

It could be a role in customer support, customer service assistant or even a sales assistant.

“You could work in a branch office or as an office assistant.

You could even go into the retail sector, and it’s always a great experience if you go into something where you don’t know what to do.

You get to be part of the team, get to know the people and you get to work in the team,” says Cesar Lopes, an employment advisor and former employment adviser for the National Council of Welfare and Development. 

“If you have an interesting experience, and you are able to go and meet people who can help with that, it could lead to an interesting job,” he adds. 

However, not all job vacancies are created equal. 

If you want a more rewarding job, there could be some job opportunities that are not suitable for you.

For example, if a job is in a customer service role, but it requires a certain level of technical expertise, there may not be a good candidate for that role. 

And if you look at a company that has a large online store, you might want to consider a position where you have to learn the new skills, or you might find that a different position is available. 

Another reason to consider taking a job overseas is that it offers a chance to learn and improve skills at a new level.

“The best jobs are ones where you are exposed to new ideas and the skills you need to be successful in the job market,” says Lopes.

“As a small business owner, you are a bit lucky, as you are also a large employer. 

So if you could move overseas and improve your skills, that could be

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