title The world of robotic prosthetics and virtual reality is getting pretty crowded.

The latest is a new startup, named RobotBots, that aims to revolutionize how we think about the construction of robots, including the types of parts that go into them.

It sounds like a sci-fi concept, but in reality it’s about as straightforward as it gets. 

The company, which is raising a round of $2 million from several investors, is working on the construction and maintenance of robots that are both badass and nerd.

It’s working with manufacturers to make its robots lighter, stronger, and cheaper than the current versions.

The company has built a robot called Dragonos that is designed to work with humans.

The robot is a bit like a big humanoid version of an X-Wing fighter, with a pair of legs and a head that can be moved around in various ways.

The company says it’s able to work as a stand-in for a human in a pinch. 

Dragonos also has a couple of different robotic parts, including a pair called the “wings,” which are essentially robotic arms, with an arm that can swing between two different positions.

These “wings” are able to act as the “eyes” of the robot. RobotBots has built the Dragonos robot and has also built a small prototype.

The demo robot has a human-like face, which looks more like a dragon head than a human. 

“The Dragonos is designed for a specific job,” the company’s website explains.

“It is built to operate as a standing vehicle for a single person, as a walker, or as a wheelchair.” 

A Dragonos can also move around and rotate to make the robot easier to move.

It can also stand upright with a single leg, so it can stand up in the middle of a field.

The Dragono robot also has two wheels that can rotate to rotate around, and can rotate back to stand upright in a way that is similar to how the human brain works. 

It can be used to make things like a wheelchair, or even a small robot.

RobotBOTS has also created a robot named Man of Steel that can lift heavy objects and can also do some cool things like fly. 

Man of Steel is able to lift things like cars. 

But Dragonos isn’t the only robot that has been developed.

Other companies have also been working on robotic parts. 

This week, a company called Autodesk unveiled the first fully functional robot.

Called Manifold, the robot was developed by the company and is designed specifically for the construction industry.

It uses a robot arm, a pair on the back of the head, and a pair at the top of the body to do the work. 

Autodesk says it is capable of moving objects that are 1/10th the size of the average human, and is able for the first time to do tasks that were previously difficult to do.

It also has the ability to bend and stretch the arm in various directions. 

If all of this sounds a bit futuristic to you, then RobotBombs is aiming to change all that. 

In a post on the company website, the team says that it is working to improve the manufacturing process for RobotBoys.

It will build a new manufacturing process that will be able to produce a robot with a human head, but it will also make RobotBos lighter and cheaper. 

As part of the new manufacturing technology, the RobotBox will have two motors that can move at different speeds.

The motors can move a robotic arm at different rates.

The team says it will be possible to create a robot without a human on board, which would be a major step towards reducing the amount of work that goes into building robots. 

What’s even more exciting is that this new manufacturing approach is also designed to help with the production of RoboRovers, a robot built by the team at Autodesks. 

These robots will have some pretty cool features, including having two legs and two wheels. 

And, as part of its efforts, RobotBotts will work with manufacturers like Toyota and Samsung to create new robotic parts that can help robots perform tasks. 

Here’s the post on RobotBotic that talks about the company.

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