Reuters 4/6 Steel type Pokémon are getting a new move that lets them absorb the power of other Steel types.

Steel type pokemon can use Steelium Z or Magneton Z and can also use Z-Power, a move that does damage and raises their Attack by one stage.

The move is named Z-Boost and will make the type’s Attack 0.

It can only be used by Steel type Pokemon that are at least level 60.

While the move will give the Steel type a boost, its effect will be minimal.

This means it can only give the type its attack boost if it’s also boosted by other Steel-type moves.

Metal type pokemon, such as Steelix Z, have a greater power boost and can use more of the move’s effects.

Z-Boost is similar to Z-Wave, but it doesn’t give the move the power boost it usually gets.

For example, Z-Booster has a 100% boost to Attack, but the move can only do so if Z-Zap is also boosted.

Another new move for Steel type moves is Zap Cannon.

Zap Cannon allows Steel-types to attack and use other Steel attacks, such a Hydro Pump.

There are also a few other Steel type-only moves. プレカンパワー(Z-Booper) can be used to move-boost Steel types, and there’s a Steel Claw that can be set up to hit any Steel type, but is useless against Steel types that aren’t Steel types at all.

Finally, there’s Z-Fuse, which boosts Steel- and Psychic-type Pokémon’s Special Attack by two stages, with the exception of the Electric-type, which has its Attack raised by two levels.

These moves are the main reason why Steel types are now so popular, but Steel type attacks have been weak in other ways too.

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