Posted November 19, 2017 18:32:03It was February, 1942, and the New York Times was reporting on the new movie The Godfather: Part II, in which star Robert De Niro was starring as mob boss mob boss Frank Sinatra.

That’s when the movie came to life and became one of the biggest movies of all time.

“The Godfather” was released in the US in March of 1942, two months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The film’s cast included the likes of Rosalind Russell, Michael Douglas, and John Wayne.

But what many people don’t know about the film is that it was shot entirely on film.

It was a unique time in film history when films were shot on celluloid and the effects of the film were seen on the silver screen.

The New York Film Institute, which preserves the film’s history, has a documentary titled Gotham on the set of the movie.

It’s an incredible documentary, covering everything from the crew of the USS Arizona, the crew on the USS Iowa, and even the crew from the USS Constitution.

It’s a fascinating and moving look at the lives of the crew and cast members of the ship, which was attacked by the Japanese on March 1, 1942.

In the documentary, which can be viewed here, we get a look at how it was all made and filmed, as well as the many people involved in the making of the iconic movie.

The documentary begins with a tour of the set, where we learn about how this film was shot and what made it so iconic.

The crew had been rehearsing for weeks to prepare for the attack.

They were making the film with a view to putting it out on the big screen.

“We were shooting on the ship for weeks, just getting it ready,” one crew member tells the film.

They even made some of the sets, with a special set that had been designed specifically for the film.

“The film crew spent a lot of time filming the USS Independence, the ship that was launched in the film, and other ships.

It wasn’t until the crew was finally ready for the shoot that the ship was officially set to fire.

The USS Independence (CC-BY-SA-2.0)In order to prepare the film for the big time, they had to create a set that was huge enough for them to be seen from the air, which meant they had plenty of time to make sure that they shot everything perfectly.”

They were getting ready to go out on this film, we had this big set, and they had these big guns and a lot more people, and it was just a crazy scene,” the crew member said.”

So, you know, we were getting the set to fit this huge set and they were making all these changes.””

And you can hear them talking about how big it was and all these things.””

They had a big crew and a big set and all this stuff.

And you can hear them talking about how big it was and all these things.”

The set also had to be big enough to accommodate the huge cameras that were needed to film the ship in the movie, and for the effects that the crew had to do to capture the moment.

“All the cameras were just on, they were all set up for the cameras, so everything was in the exact spot.

So, we literally had to get them all set, just to be ready for this big shot,” the person said.

As a result, the film crew was filming the ship from all sides, even while they were still on the bridge, which made the film feel “real.”

The crew members even had to work with special effects artists to create all the visual effects, including smoke, flames, and explosions.

The camera operators had to make the film look like the scene they wanted it to be in, and there were even special effects people that had to go to the ship to make it look like it was actually happening.

“I think we were going to shoot it from the bridge and we were shooting it on the deck and we had to change the camera angle, we needed to go and fix that,” one person recalled.

“And then we had a lot, a lot to do.

And they did that all by themselves, but it was really good, because we didn’t have a lot going on and they got really excited, like ‘Oh my god, we’re going to do this!'”

As for the actual shooting of the scene, the actors were given special training to make everything look like they wanted, and that included shooting in a small set that could fit on the entire crew.

“In order for us to make this film look realistic and we could get our shots to look real, we didn.

We had a crew of just four guys on the boat,” one of them said.

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