Steel tubing breaks and can cause serious injury or death, but there are several steps to avoid and protect yourself and your family.


Get professional advice.

Steel tubing is a strong material and can break easily.

If you’re in doubt about the safety of using it, talk to a professional.

Your local hardware store may have a repair shop that can repair or replace your steel tubing.

If the damage is serious, you should seek professional help.


Clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning your steel tube is a good idea to prevent it from becoming brittle.

Take a vacuum cleaner to the end of your tubing and blow it on a rag to clean out the debris.


Make sure you have a safe method of transportation.

Some manufacturers sell metal tubing that is designed to fit in a small container or plastic bag.

Check the label to see if it says “in a container”.

If it says that, then you should use that container or container with a small seal.

Make certain that the container is big enough for your tube to fit through, and that you can easily remove it if needed.

If your tubing does not fit inside a container, use a zip tie to secure the container to the tubing and hold it there.


Use an air hose.

A small hose will help keep the tube from spilling out.

A metal hose can also be used to hold the tubing securely to a wall, ceiling or wall, and prevent it leaking out.

Another option is to use a metal clamp.

It’s a small piece of metal that can be attached to a hose and secured to a fixture or wall to hold your tubing securely.


Never let tubing spill out of your house.

It can cause damage to the pipes and tubing that make up the house.

If it leaks out, it will cause an expensive repair.

Make a list of your safety measures, and then contact a professional to make sure you’re getting the best solution for your problem.


Make the decision to replace your tube.

The cost of replacement tubing is typically between $100 and $400.

If a repair is needed to fix the problem, contact a qualified metal supplier and discuss the cost.

If an air pipe is needed, contact an air quality company.

If there’s no air source, contact your local fire department.

The best option is the repair that can fix the damage.


Follow up with the manufacturer.

If needed, you can visit your local hardware or paint store to get the best possible solution.

If no repair is required, contact the manufacturer to make the purchase.


Make an appointment with the repair shop.

The repair shop will provide you with the best solutions for your steel pipe problem.

Contact the repair and/or repair equipment manufacturer to find out how much they’ll charge you.


Contact your insurance company.

Your insurance company may be able to help with repairs to your pipe.

The company may charge a small fee to cover the repair.

You can also ask your insurance agent to call them to discuss the repair options.


Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Wear sturdy clothes and shoes, and be sure to clean and maintain your equipment.

Keep a small box of water in your garage for use when you have tubing.

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