Why you shouldn’t be buying a pair of steel toe shoes for the holidays

A pair of stylish steel toe kicks can be a great gift for the person you love, but you might want to think twice about your money.1.The plastic rubber used for the sole is made from plastic.Plastic is the most prevalent material in shoes and we’ve seen some really poor manufacturing practices here.Plastic shoes can […]

How cold steel can help protect your ears

The steel earring is a popular choice for people who wear a protective earring.The material can be hard, or soft, and it’s not as strong as a steel chain, but it’s still a lot of weight.It’s also a much more durable material than other earrings.But how do you know whether your earring meets all of […]

How Pedal Steel Guitar Changed Rock, Rock Music, and Music Theory in the Nineties

In 1993, when guitarists Brian Eno and Alex Lifeson announced their plans to launch their own brand of guitar and bass, they had just released their first single, “Guitar” (and, in hindsight, their second song).Guitarists were trying to figure out what kind of guitar to play.Guitarists thought about their instrument.They were trying out different sounds […]

Metal gear, metal, metal gear: a new generation of metal gear

By Dan Drezner | 08 December 2017 09:54:20The metal gear, it seems, is back in style, and we’re not just talking about the new guitar, we’re talking about all the gear that is actually metal.In this article, I’m going to talk about the various types of metal that have been released over the last few […]

Steel Reserve posts record high in steel production

Steel Reserve posted its best quarterly production in four years, and its production surged after the Alberta government gave a green light to new equipment for the industry.Steel Reserve CEO Michael Cimperman said the news was “extremely exciting.”“The number of customers that we’ve been able to connect to our new production facilities in Alberta has […]

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