How to build your own ‘American Steel’ building

If you’re looking for a steel-based home, it’s time to consider a more traditional design.American Steel has built a number of buildings around the world, ranging from small apartments to sprawling multi-family complexes, with steel-framed structures that are designed to resist earthquakes and provide strong foundations.But the company’s newest building in New York City is […]

What you need to know about the first nickel-silver alloy that will be used in a nickel-metal-plated penny

When the first penny was introduced in the U.S. in 1893, it was made from nickel and silver and weighed .02 grams per milliliter.That’s the same as the weight of a gram of gold.But in the early years of the 20th century, the government mandated that all coins be made of copper, a heavier metal […]

How to use stainless steel tubing to make a stunning stained glass sculpture

Steel tubing is one of the most versatile materials for making stained glass.You can use it for everything from making decorative artworks to providing a base for a large, decorative installation.But there are some applications where stainless steel isn’t suitable for all applications.Stained glass is one such application.It’s one of those applications where you can […]

The NHL is considering bringing back the Ar500 steel carport

The NHL, after years of searching for a replacement for the old Ar500, is considering reinstating the facility as a major steel car park.In a memo to the league’s hockey operations department released Thursday, the league noted that the Ar400s steel facility has “some serious gaps” and that it was “time to get back to […]

What is the steele dossier?

The dossier that was compiled by the American film-maker James Steele about allegations of rape by Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein, and which was published by The Times of India on Saturday, is not an original research report and is not the work of the US intelligence community, the Indian government has said.The dossier, which […]

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