When the Cold Steel Knife Was the Steel of Choice

Google News article By Chris Beakley and Sarah BurchardPosted April 07, 2019 10:00:50A new generation of cold steel knives is coming to market with the introduction of stainless steel.The new knives are called Steelweak and the new stainless steel blade is called Steelsecuritydoors.In the first of two reviews, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Mark Smith writes […]

What You Need To Know About Steel: The Stained and Stained Steel Price

Stainless steel is often used for automotive, building, and industrial applications.Its used to insulate metal surfaces from the elements, and it has also been used for a variety of applications, such as the welding process.But in a lot of cases, its used for decorative purposes, as well.For example, you might use stainless steel in a […]

Stelco’s steel fridge: The best you can buy

Steel-framed stainless steel refrigerators are often associated with the high-end luxury brands like Stelcos and Ikea, but the brand is also one of the oldest and most revered.It’s an era when the design of the fridge was born, and one that has been passed down through generations of family members, and a great deal of […]

Why are we talking about steel sheet?

After the election, I was asked to write a piece on the topic for the website of the American Conservative.After discussing it with my wife, she asked me to give her an opinion on the issue.I had a strong feeling about it.The steel sheet debate is not going away anytime soon.The current argument on the […]

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