Steel type pokemon gets new move

Reuters 4/6 Steel type Pokémon are getting a new move that lets them absorb the power of other Steel types.Steel type pokemon can use Steelium Z or Magneton Z and can also use Z-Power, a move that does damage and raises their Attack by one stage.The move is named Z-Boost and will make the type’s […]

How a newly installed $2.6 billion weapon could change the way the world fights terror

A newly installed new gun that fires a laser-guided ball is one of the newest weapons in a long line of weapons designed to reduce civilian casualties in conflicts around the world.The $2,640,000 laser-assisted ball, which is designed to target a moving target and incapacitate targets, is part of a growing arsenal of weapons aimed […]

Which steel type is best for cold steel swords?

It’s a question that has come up quite a bit lately, and a number of factors have to do with how cold steel blades are handled.Some cold steel types are more sensitive to cold temperatures than others, making them better for use on cold surfaces such as metal.Other cold steel blade types, like stainless steel, […]

Which Pokemon are you?

The Pokemon Company announced Tuesday that the first official Pokemon games would be released for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices by the end of 2017.The first title to hit those platforms will be a smartphone game, a Pokemon TCG.“This new product is a groundbreaking addition to the TCG family and we’re thrilled to have […]

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