Orbian Advantage

Build a Custom SCF Program to Achieve Your Goals

Orbian supply chain finance strategy experts will work with your supplier information to create a SCF Program strategy tailored to accomplish your stated goals. Thereafter we will derive a set of execution models based on the chosen strategy including supplier targeting, engagement, management and pricing.

Orbian Custom Strategy Design & Execution

Flexible Funding Structure

Orbian combines its state-of-the-art SCF technology platform with an innovative funding structure to deliver a premium supply chain finance solution to corporate buyers and their suppliers. By providing working capital benefits to corporate buyers while supporting their suppliers with increased cash flow, Orbian SCF can transform any global supply chain.

True Multi-Source Funding Solution

Orbian has access to multiple investors to broaden the potential funding pool. We can work with any of your house banks as well.

Self-Funding Options

Your company can use excess cash to fully or partially fund its own program while maintaining DPO extensions and working capital advantages.

Funding Source-Agnostic

Orbian programs are funding source-agnostic – neither your company nor your vendors will ever be “assigned to” or required to contract with any particular funding source.

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