Key Differentiators

It’s the Differences That MatterTM

Every business and its supplier base is unique. Therefore, your SCF Program, its goals, requirements and program execution will also be unique. Orbian offers a collaborative, flexible, scalable solution tailored to your working capital goals while supporting the cash flow of your critical supplier relationships.

  • Fast, Seamless Implementation
    • Our implementation process quickly guides the successful rollout of your SCF Program to your suppliers.
    • Orbian has a 100% integration success rate across all major ERP systems and proprietary A/P systems.
  • Custom Strategy Design & Execution
    • Program strategy & management and supplier targeting & engagement based on a flexible execution model.
    • Roll out an efficient, custom-built SCF Program designed by a team of professionals with your goals at the forefront.
  • Flexible Funding Structures
    • Orbian has access to multiple investors to broaden the potential funding pool. Choose your own funders or self fund.
    • Use excess cash to fully or partially fund your SCF Program while maintaining DPO extensions and working capital advantages.
  • Simple Enrollment for All Suppliers
    • Intuitive, web-based supplier enrollment process with onboarding and documentation specialists on-hand.
    • Orbian’s streamlined supplier onboarding process is the best-in-class, and currently supports thousands of suppliers in 53 countries.
  • User-Friendly System
    • Our secure, web-based system streamlines invoice receipt and A/P processes, and provides real-time access to reporting tools.
    • Orbian is a payment method already embedded in SAP, and we can successfully and easily integrate with all other ERP systems.
  • Effective Risk Mitigation
    • Protected payment process mitigates any Orbian or bank risk, while multiple layers of IT protection mitigate IT failure risk.
    • The Orbian SCF Model has been approved by the SEC and “Big 4” for continued payables treatment and mitigates accounting risks.

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